Typology: Classification of Typefaces

by College of Creative Arts, Massey University

We were tasked to design two related publications. First, a book about the classification of typefaces. Then, a collectable specimen which features a typeface from the Adobe Type Library. Although the texts were provided, we were responsible for coming up with our own concept and interesting ways to showcase the typefaces.

The contemporary design of the book displays a combination of 'structure' and 'playfulness'. The sophisticated placement of elements builds the structure. While the 'playfulness' is found within the contents where design-related riddles are used to showcase the typefaces. This tone of humor helps to entice the reader and keep them engaged. The royal blue color also sits in between the spectrum of dull to vibrant, thus balancing that equilibrium. Although the book is set in one main color, slight touches of grey were added to the font diagrams for a subtle hierarchy.

The specimen booklet features the chosen typeface 'Albertus' which was designed back in 1940. The booklet uses a grey paper stock not only to maintain the consistency of the blue/grey harmony in the book, but its muskiness also enhances the impression of an older typeface. Instead of having two separate publications, the books have been bound together where the layering effect and exposed binding method deviates from the standard construction of a book. Thus, reenacting the intended playfulness.


Gold in Book Design 2018, Non-Pro

Created by:

Design Director

Rosamund Chen

Company/University or Design School

College of Creative Arts, Massey University