Destination Paris Bercy

by Made for you

Made for you worked with a team of event and meeting experts on their new project: offer professionals and a wider public a unique and memorable place to host their events. Through a new visual identity and a website, Made for you packaged Paris Bercy area as a destination where everyday is an event.
Destination Paris Bercy is not only a place to host events, a hub of services and a responsive space that can welcome tailor made projects; it is the place where work meets life. Made for you found its tone of voice in travel diaries to create a travel guide to Paris Bercy and its visual references in holiday postcards to create a correspondence with the public. The logo, printed just like a passport stamp, is a label of quality, clear and dynamic just like the actors of Destination Paris Bercy. They are each represented by their logo in a stamp shape, creating a single signature identity to unify their diverse expertise. The typical French postcard blue white and red Marie-Louise is a reminder of the made in France quality and charm of the place. Made for you is making sure every communication point such as the brochure, newsletter, blog, website and manifesto are sending a unique message the world over: come discover Destination Paris Bercy.


Gold in Branding 2020

Silver in Website Design 2020

Silver in Logos 2020

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Made for you


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Destination Paris Bercy