Graphic designer

by Ares Pedroli

Ares Pedroli is a young graphic designer of nineteen years old, he was born in Switzerland in Mendrisio in 1998. He studied visual communication at the CSIA (School Centre for Artistic Industries) in Lugano, obtaining the best final results of the canton and presenting the best project of culture and art creation. He also participated in competitions and received some awards.
He has recently registered at many universities in Switzerland, he would like to choose the best school where he can continue his studies.
He works in various areas of graphics including concept development, visual Identity, posters, editorial Design, signage, web design, and exhibitions. It promotes innovative and cutting-edge graphics, but with a solid foundation in Swiss style.
He works mainly in the cultural, artistic and social fields.


Gold in Book Design 2018, Non-Pro

Created by:

Design Director

Ares Pedroli


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