Dayton View Triangle

by Sarah Fieldhammer

Dayton Triangle is part of the "Facing Dayton: Visualizing Neighborhood Narratives" project. This project tells the tales of Dayton citizens from different neighborhoods in visually effective ways. This 2-sided digitally printed poster visualizes the voice of Mama Nozipo who is a native of Dayton View Triangle Neighborhood in Dayton, Ohio. The use of ink wash techniques conveys the overall mood of the storyteller who watched neighborhood houses continually torn down and people coming and going. The visual mood of dark nostalgia and a dream-like state, with the use of the typography gives this poster a powerful presence in visual culture. The back of the piece includes an ancillary text from Charlotte Reeve Conover's "Dayton Ohio: An Intimate History."


Honorable Mention in Typography 2019, Non-Pro

Created by:

Design Director

Sarah Fieldhammer

Company/University or Design School

University of Dayton


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Individual Credits

Design Director: Misty Thomas-Trout, University of Dayton