Resew's Fabric Sustainable Banking

by Nai-Xuan,Chen;Ya-Yun,Huang

Many waste fabrics are produced in the production process and in pursuit of fashion. RESEW’S fabric sustainable banking platform allows these fabrics to be organized and utilized via image AI analysis. Combined with automated waste fabric storage system, big data application and APP service, users can purchase the waste fabrics, measure the waste fabrics on hand and turn them into DIY products after the APP conducts cloud AI analysis and comparison and gives recommendation, letting users select the silhouette of production, and sell the product. RESEW’S enables the waste fabrics to be reused.


Silver in Mobile App 2019, Non-Pro

Created by:

Design Director


Company/University or Design School

Ming Chi University of Technology - Department of Industrial Design

Design Team

Nai-Xuan,Chen;Ya-Yun,Huang; Kai-Chu,Li


Individual Credits

Student: Nai-Xuan,Chen, Ming Chi University of Technology
Student: Ya-Yun,Huang, Ming Chi University of Technology
Senior Design adviser: Kai-Chu,Li, Ming Chi University of Technology