by it Matters Games

Arbo is a unique mobile game about caring and nurturing a tree. With multiple short play sessions Arbo invites players to check back often and discover the wonder of growth from a seedling to a mighty tree in a matter of days. A tree, well taken care of, equipped with allurements and habitats is visited by various curious animals, depending on its stage of development. From insects like tiny ladybugs to mammals like a majestic deer, a tree in Arbo becomes a haven of life for the player to discover. A goal of Arbo is for players to complete their picture gallery of these visitors.
Arbo is presented in a calm and friendly way; a low poly art style is employed and expertly executed to present a stylized world full of character. Vivid and charming animations make for a rewarding and pleasantly surprising experience when discovering a visitor. The user interface and controls are taking current mobile user behavior into consideration to allow ergonomic one handed controls where the whole game is accessible within a thumb's reach.
Arbo is catered to a wide audience but specifically with middle aged commuters in mind, that are happy to find a green moment of zen in their daily routine.
Trees in general are often taken for granted. With Arbo we want to raise some awareness about their importance. Eventually our goal is to create a game that can support real world reforestation efforts by getting our players involved.


Silver in Mobile Games 2019

Created by:

Design Director

Alina Reder

Design Company

it Matters Games


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it Matters Games

Design Team

Jens Kortboyer, Tabea Koch, David Junge, Lennart Daldrup, Michele Krüger, Lukas Heim, Tim Ludwig, Elisa Glener

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it Matters Games, DE


it Matters Games, DE