RBTT(Rapid Blood Type Test )

by Nai-Xuan,Chen;Ya-Yun,Huang

RBTT is an all-in-one blood test product from blood collection, buffer mixture, blood test strip to final interpretation. It improves the blood test strips, simplifies the process and is attached to the patient, allowing the healthcare staff to quickly determine the blood group for the patient requires emergency transfusion. Based on the utility of blood test strip and buffer solution, RBTT visualizes blood group with color and symbols to provide a simple interface, letting the users operate and interpret quickly. Extracting blood via hollow microneedles makes the workflow easier, bringing painless blood extraction experience to patients.


Bronze in Packaging Design 2019, Non-Pro

Created by:

Design Director


Company/University or Design School

Ming Chi University of Technology - Department of Industrial Design

Design Team

Nai-Xuan,Chen;Ya-Yun,Huang; Kai-Chu,Li


Entrant Companies

Ming Chi University of Technology , TW

Individual Credits

Student: Nai-Xuan,Chen, Ming Chi University of Technology
Student: Ya-Yun,Huang, Ming Chi University of Technology
Senior Design adviser: Kai-Chu,Li, Ming Chi University of Technology