Clásicos Mexicanos

by Na Sodio

Clásicos Mexicanos is a project dedicated to the rescue of modern national design. Recovering from oblivion objects that forged the modern identity. Examples of architects, artists and designers as important as Ricardo Legorreta, Mathias Goeritz and Pedro Ramírez Vázquez are reinserted to the present day among others.
The visual identity of the project was inspired by the language and historic context of mid-century Mexican design. It celebrates the effort with which the collection has been curated by using sophisticated and conservative style, in resemblance of that of an art gallery.


Bronze in Branding 2019

Created by:

Design Director

Gabriela Bustillos

Design Company

Na Sodio


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Alejandro Castro

Design Team

Tania Villalobos, Shelly Balas, Inaki Bustillos, Fernanda Casar, Alejandra Romo, Mauro Soriano, Paulette Cabrera