Identity creation inspired by the rich culture of Mysuru

by Analogy

Mysuru Consulting Group (MCG), is a global consulting group based out of Mysuru (India) and Boston (USA) that specialises in artificial intelligence and mathematics to find business solutions. From core data analytics, strategy, and problem solving MCG uses a multi-disciplinary team across technology, applied and behavioural sciences and mathematics to focus on human centric, data driven, foolproof solutions. Data never lies, and MCG truly believes in letting the numbers do the talking. The consulting group, thus approached us with a requirement to create a strong identity that conveys this farsighted, data-centric approach, while also upholding the importance of culture in tech and vice versa. The identity is but a marriage between Artificial Intelligence (AI) with culture, it seeks to reflect AI in its most distilled form while closely reflecting the roots from where MCG began- the city of Mysuru (aka,Mysore in Karnataka, India), that is not only known for its rich culture but is also one of India's educational hubs especially for science and technology.


Bronze in Branding 2019

Created by:

Design Director

Vyasateja Rao

Design Company



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Mysuru Consulting Group (MCG)

Design Team

Vyasateja Rao and Devika Menon