Wireframes: The Visualization of Architecture

by Kilograph

Wireframes: The Visualization of Architecture presents an exploration of the significant art and technology involved in architectural visualization. The exhibition tells the story of two industries – architecture and computer graphics – coming together to form a new discipline. Follow the disciplines’ vibrant history to present-day through artist-created story panels, which highlight important moments in the story of architectural visualization. Wireframes is a testament to architectural visualization’s place in the arts; it is a qualitative survey of computer-generated imagery and its effect on practice and the public imagination; Past, Present, Future.

Silver in Branding 2019

Design Director
Denzil Maher
A+D Museum
Design Team
Keely Colcleugh, Jen Agosta, Kellan Cartledge, Lienny Ruiz
Kilograph, US

Motion graphics
Evelyn Lee

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