Have Fun in Kinmen

by Zih-Yu, Lin

This entry presents the seasonal features of Kinmen, an offshore island of Taiwan. Through the technique of re-illustration, I aim to introduce the public to the unique sceneries, customs and traditions of Kinmen, allowing them to have a deeper understanding about the Kinmen culture.


Silver in Illustration 2019, Non-Pro

Created by:

Design Director

Zih-Yu, Lin

Company/University or Design School

Asia University


Cultural Affairs Bureau of Kinmen County

Design Team

Wen-Han, Li  Ya-Wen, Zheng


Entrant Companies

Asia University, TW


Cultural Affairs Bureau of Kinmen County, TW

Individual Credits

Student: Zih-Yu, Lin, Asia University
Student: Wen-Han, Li, Asia University
Student: Ya-Wen, Zheng, Asia University