2019 Calendar - Kill Time

by Urban Air Design Limited

In the blink of an eye, another year have gone by. For the new year, our target dart replace the traditional calendar. Regardless that you got travelling plans that is beyond anyone's imagination or try to seek joy amidst in busy work-life, owning this target dart and a few darts Will enable you to get a relaxing space in office and at home, and enable you to pick random dates to plan inspiring trips for holidays. Wish you achieve your goals in this year, find yourselves a reason to smile in work and bring yourselves an adventurous vacation.

Silver in Promotional Materials 2019

Design Director
Ng Wai Ming Chris
Urban Air Design Limited
Design Team
Or Chi Bun Stanley, Rao Amandeep, Tse Kin Wah Jeff, Joey Mok
Urban Air Design Limited, HK
https://www.urbanairdesign.com/, HK

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