The Co-Creature

by Digitalist Group

A way of explaining something abstract is telling a story. Being in the business of Digitalization of the world, often using co-creation as a method, we felt a need to add something juicy to our brand and story. it became a comic book: The Co-creature!


Silver in Promotional Materials 2019

Bronze in Branding 2019

Created by:

Design Director

Matts Hildén

Design Company

Digitalist Group


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Digitalist Group

Design Team

Creative Director: Matts Hildén, Illustrator: Ola Skogäng, Illustrator: Rebecka Helmersson, Writer: Matts Hildén, Graphic Designer: Matts Hildén


Individual Credits

Creative Director: Matts Hildén, Digitalist Group
Illustrator: Ola Skogäng, Ockulta kuriositeter
Illustrator: Rebecka Helmersson, Inktooth Arts & Illustration