impact A&C

by Asya Demidova

impact A&C is Moldova’s educational platform that is designed to enable your children to acquire the necessary skills, to achieve success in the modern world. impact A&C teach digital literacy. Their goal is to make children interested and help them to become not just consumers but to become creators of technology.
I teamed up with the academies&camps to develop their brand strategy. First, by defining a vision of its future: education, trust, inspiration, innovation. Then, by updating the way they spell their name and visual identity. And finally, by unearthing the stories across all platforms through digital storytelling and implementing it in the real classroom.
Rebranding inherited only the colour - magenta. The new visual language uses the connection of learning paths as rhythmic continuous lines and programming language as symbols. The symbols are playfully developed into icons. It is translated into cohesive bold, typography based visual story.


Silver in Integrated Graphic Design 2019

Created by:

Design Director

Asya Demidova

Design Company

Asya Demidova


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impact A&C

Design Team

Art Director & Designer – Asya Demidova