Union Bank Plaza

by Kilograph

Updating an icon, Union Bank Plaza is a Class A office tower located in the heart of DTLA. With a renewed sense of purpose, Union Bank Plaza aims to reposition itself as a welcoming campus-like locality offering a modern and vibrant environment that will attract tenants.

Kilograph provided a comprehensive suite of services that included branding, brochure, website, still renderings, film, 360 degree VR panoramas, and an immersive AR app for iPad. These materials speak with one voice, touting the revitalization of this iconic building as it looks to “Be Seen In a New Light.”


Silver in Branding 2019

Created by:

Design Director

Denzil Maher

Design Company



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KBS, Cushman & Wakefield

Design Team

Jen Agosta, Kellan Cartledge, John Michael Wilyat, Brett Jones


Entrant Companies

Kilograph, US

Individual Credits

Web development: Cody Pallo
Web development: Jeff Goodhart
Graphic design: Kelly Rozich