Marine P&I Annual Report

by Modula

Hyperion companies RKH Specialty and Howden needed a stand-out design for their annual Marine P&I (Protection & Indemnity) reports. Industrial inspiration was taken from the design of shipping containers, reflecting the sector-specialist, straight-talking and practical advice provided to RKH and Howden's international client base. Embossing and a variety of print finishes and paper stocks, provide a very relevant, yet highly-differentiated high-end feel. The bright-coloured, industrial aesthetic was the main source of inspiration for the cover of the report. Modula utilised a bespoke block to emboss a corrugated iron effect, resembling the side of a container. In addition, the use of relevant brand colours on the reports’ covers helps them stand out for the competition, echoing their clients, who use containers in corporate colours to make them more easily identifiable in huge ports around the world.
Another design challenge was turning vast amounts of numbers into informative and engaging data. To achieve this, Modula created a variety of cargo-themed infographics and illustrations that reinforced the overall maritime visual style, whilst highlighting the most relevant numbers that tell the story of risk and insurance in the marine industry. The document was printed A4 landscape with a special block emboss:120 text pages, with five section dividers printed in white ink on translucent stock.
The target audience includes insurance brokers working in the P&I sector. The report was commercially released January 2017 and distributed globally, directly to existing and prospect clients. The report was also displayed on tables in relevant office receptions. Feedback was that the reports engaging look and feel meant that it was picked up by a far wider audience than those interested in the specialist world of P&I, promoting the wider specialist insurance capabilities of the parent brands.


Bronze in Book Design 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Michael Dilworth

Design Company



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RKH Specialty & Howden

Design Team

Michael Dilworth, Atif Mahmood