Carol-lynn Swol Jewelry Design

by two six seventy7 creative

Carol-lynn Swol Jewelry Design specializes in well-crafted handmade pieces ranging from organic and rustic to contemporary and sleek. The identity system reflects her jewelry within a combination mark, patterns created from the logo, and the warm grey slate paired with a pop of color. The logo itself creates the artist’s shorten name—CL—by manipulating the familiar curves of the anvil in her studio. The typography repeats those subtle curves found within the anvil as well as within her products. The graphic patterns and grey slate background reinforces the aesthetics of the artist while highlighting her jewelry. The brand was implemented in packaging, craft show booth graphics, retail displays, and social media.

Bronze in Promotional Materials 2019
Honorable Mention in Branding 2019
Honorable Mention in Logos 2019

Design Director
Adrienne Hooker
Carol-lynn Swol
Design Team
Adrienne Hooker, Dave Wang
two six seventy7 creative, US
Carol-lynn Swol Jewelry Design, US

interactive / web designer
Dave Wang, two six seventy7 creative
creative director/lead designer
Adrienne Hooker, two six seventy7 creative

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