by KROG, Ljubljana

Book on Slovenian traditional custom. Koline have never been just a method of slaughtering a pig. They were primarily, and somehow still are a celebration, a social ritual that forges family ties and ties with neighbours and communities. This book speaks about feature of not just food, but an annual ritual of significant social dimension. Great variety is reflected in the local words for slaughtering, the making of meat products, the subsequent socialising, indeed for the whole ritual and celebration. The most widely-used term is koline (pronounced koh-lee-nay). In some areas, the word refers to the entire working process, with a feast at the end, though it can also include all the products, or just the blood sausages.


Bronze in Book Design 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Edi Berk

Design Company

KROG, Ljubljana


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Rokus-Klett, Ljubljana

Design Team

Edi Berk, Janez Bogataj, Stojan Kerbler, Damijan Stepancic, Rok Kvaternik


Individual Credits

Art Director and Designer: Edi Berk, KROG, Ljubljana
Author and bookwriter: Janez Bogataj
Editor: Rok Kvaternik, Rokus-Klett, Ljubljana