by Kinda Ghannoum and Amer Al Issa

CARRÉ is produced by S material FZE to provide UAE’s designers with revolutionary flooring material that they can rely on to speak for their ideas and instill life into the spaces they design.
S material is a small sized company located in RAK free zone established in 2013 by the interior designer and artist Salem Samara who has started designing and producing encaustic cement tile in his workshop in Damascus-Syria since 2005.

He inspired this idea from his childhood memories of his grandmother’s house, every room was frosted with a different unique pattern that gives an exclusive impression. These memories made a huge impact on his career life, he started to learn how powerful the effect of colors and designs can be on the feelings of people living or frequently visiting a certain place.
Create a Brand identity and a unique, modern graphic system that reflects the Encaustic Tile elements of CARRÉ in terms of square shape, ornamental style , reflection, costume made designs..
by using the most artistic and modern graphic styles in concepts, colors, shapes, sizes , typeface... to make a unique presence for the corporate in each and every detail.


Gold in Logos 2019

Silver in Branding 2019

Created by:

Design Director

Kinda Ghannoum and Amer Al Issa


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S Material