Econocom Village. There's a place in the future. - Econocom Village. C'è un posto nel futuro.

by True Company

The brand’s goal is to develop a place with a strong visual identity, to foster the connection between the building and the people.
The connection and disruption sensations that the visitor perceives inside the new Econocom headquarters are the result of an integrated design system where unconventional icons, wall messages and anamorphic applications overturn the traditional schemes and perspective.


Bronze in Branding 2019

Created by:

Design Director

Matteo Mascetti

Design Company

True Company


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Design Team

Matteo Mascetti, Simone Cristiani


Entrant Companies

Econocom Italia SpA, IT


True Company, IT

Individual Credits

Design & Innovator Director: Matteo Mascetti, True Company
Executive Creative Director: Simone Cristiani, True Company
Account Director: Alessia Bernava, True Company