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Brothers and dentists Michael and Gottfried Förschner decided to go digital and simultaneously to reconstruct and redesign the very 1980ies looking interior of their dental clinic as well as their logo, all collateral print materials and website. As the hallway and rooms used to be very narrow we let the light come in using semi frosted glass walls and panels to create a spacious airy feeling. The main interior colors are a warm brown for the wooden floors and leather for the seats, white for the walls, a warm but dark grey for depth on doorframes, outfits, graphic patterns and all printed pieces and as accent color a fresh scandinavian green which can be found on a few walls, furniture, plants and the logo as a neon sign. While researching the history of dentists we came across Apollonia of Alexandria – power woman and patron saint to dentists. As nobody seems to have ever used her as part of a logo before we created a modern friendly icon and placed her in a heraldic shield attaching one tooth as a jewel to her gloriole which she is wearing like a crown. Further we designed a pattern which we also used on walls, door signs, business papers and partly on furniture. As the history of Apollonia is not known to most of the patients we created our own art work to illustrate the life and death of her. We used different techniques such as photography, stitching, illustration, line drawings etc. turning the dentist hallway and waiting room into a gallery which we named: IF ONLY WALLS COULD TALK. Finally we incorporated the branding onto the t-shirt the team is wearing as well as a simple, easy to use one pager website in four languages due to the international patients as well...


Gold in Integrated Graphic Design 2019

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