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I grew up in three countries—Argentina, Israel, and the United States. I was raised about half my life in Eilat (a city in Israel) and half my life in California. Some of my fondest memories in Israel are when my dad, my mom, my two siblings and I, used to go to the park every other weekend and have a big Israeli picnic. We would bring falafels, salads, pitas, hummus, and of course lots and lots of lemons. I started this project as a way to reconnect with the part of me that misses those weekend picnics with my family. I wanted to create something unique that visualized both the Israeli and American cultures that I grew up in.

I came up with a food truck brand called Limoni which translates to my lemon in Hebrew, my native tongue. The Limoni logo in this brand identity is actually created by combining Hebrew accents (such as the dot to make the e sound) and serifs (which one usually finds in the formal Hebrew alphabet) mixed with the english alphabet. I decided to sell what I love and miss most about my life in Israel: super sour traditional Israeli food.

I used the Hebrew word that spells out Limoni as a pattern and created a fun collage of different illustrations of a lemon's flesh to use for the packaging. I also did a photoshoot with my best friend at Vasona park in Los Gatos and decided the perfect way to express how I feel about lemons and Israeli food when I eat them is to photograph her meditating with lemons, and I created a design element out of that visual—I actually learned how to meditate when I was a young girl in Israel with my parents. Together with the lemon collage, and...


Bronze in Branding 2019

Bronze in Packaging Design 2019

Bronze in Logos 2019

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Design Director

Veronica-Ronit Bliman

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Veronica-Ronit Designs


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