by Neoscape

Silverstein Properties’ long-term mission to redevelop the Trade Center, and their passion for the place, their tenants, and the future of Lower Manhattan, is palpable in everything they do. The early believers that bought into their belief of a revitalized downtown have come to define the neighborhood, and, as the Trade Center reaches its final phases, have turned that vision into reality. It was our job to bottle that passion. As the task was a 3WTC branding effort with a neighborhood rebrand on the side, we looked to develop a three-part platform that addressed shifts in the workplace and workplace culture, alongside the spectrum of passionate individuals that have come to define the Trade Center and greater downtown community. The brand narrative weaves together the people, the place, and the product in an effort to address the complex process of choosing a new location to operate your business. The end result is a far more personal approach to a commercial office campaign—one that is dynamic and adapts to cultural and neighborhood trends. Visually, 3WTC was designed to align with the rest of the WTC family while updating the overall look that’s fresh and current, and allow for the flexibility to address a diverse tenant base. And as the brand was a dramatic departure from a look and messaging standpoint we wanted to create a series of unique advertisements and a dedicated online space that was supportive of that shift in perspective.


Gold in Integrated Graphic Design 2019

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