RUXI Packaging Design

by Kun Shan University

In the overall visual presentation of simple, direct symbols to enhance the product's visual identity, the color tone of the Matcha strong emphasis on the atmosphere, from the packaging to the inner packaging are based on the concept of boutique gift box, express sincere gifts, so that the recipient Feel clean and neat texture packaging design, emotionally complete account of the core value of the product, adding a modern new face to the traditional dessert.

On the packaging design process, the use of convex technology emphasizes the three-dimensional visual performance, so that paper can have a tactile feeling and enhance the overall perfect texture, and the hot stamping part is embellished with the classic and elegant beauty by matte gold foil.


Silver in Packaging Design 2019

Created by:

Design Director

Hao-En Chen

Design Company

Kun Shan University


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