Concrete Plæne

by Jan Erlinghagen

Branding for Concrete Plæne GmbH. Concrete Plæne is half business consulting, half venture funds. Vague or run-down projects are made concretely with the help of advice or capital. The corporate design takes up the word game. In addition to a minimalistic logo, the coloring consists of a reduced colour palette. This reduction is supported and broken down by high-quality papers and refinements.


Gold in Branding 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Jan Erlinghagen


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Tropen Markenwelten GmbH


Entrant Companies

Studio Jan Erlinghagen, DE
Tropen Markenwelten GmbH, DE


Concrete Plæne GmbH, DE

Individual Credits

Product photography: Annabell Sievert, Annabell Sievert Photography