The Lavazza Museum

by Ralph Appelbaum Associates

The Lavazza Museum is a sensory journey through global coffee culture, explored through the 120-year story of the Lavazza family, their rich heritage, and their continued dedication to coffee over five generations. Within Lavazza’s new ‘Nuvola’ headquarters complex – designed by Cino Zucchi and located at the heart of a regenerating urban district in Turin – the Lavazza Museum shares the company’s story and love of coffee culture with the world. Originally envisaged as a private museum, the project brief expanded through creative workshops between RAA and Lavazza, transforming it into a new vision for a cultural experience. RAA’s design concept is the ‘unique blend’: the magic that comes from Lavazza’s winning combination of tradition and innovation. Immersive and emotive experiences across five galleries connect visitors with the spirit of the Lavazza company, its deep roots in Turin, and its global reach in arts and culture, celebrating the enjoyment of coffee around the world. Throughout, visitors personalize their journey through an interactive RFID-enabled Lavazza cup, which they ‘fill’ with their experiences and stories. In the final gallery, L’Universo, visitors use their cup to trigger an evocative projection that unfolds around them, immersing them in their own unique sensory world, and allowing them to share it with others. Pushing the boundaries of brand museum design through its highly personalized approach, the Museum stimulates both visitors’ senses and their imaginations.

Silver in Branding 2019

Design Director
Ralph Appelbaum Associates
Design Team
Tamschick Media+Space Michael Grubb Studio Cino Zucchi Architects NEO S.r.l. Promemoria Sysco Productions Acuson S.r.l.

Steve Roberts , Ralph Appelbaum Associates
Lai Couto , Ralph Appelbaum Associates
James Ward , Ralph Appelbaum Associates
Mat Mason , Ralph Appelbaum Associates
Rosanna Vitiello, Ralph Appelbaum Associates
Carmen Sarmiento, Ralph Appelbaum Associates
Sarah Stewart , Ralph Appelbaum Associates
Simone Antonello , Ralph Appelbaum Associates
Sarah Pollard , Ralph Appelbaum Associates
Creative Director
Mirko Cerami , Ralph Appelbaum Associates
Phillip Tefft , Ralph Appelbaum Associates

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