Early Bird Deadline: 30 Sep, 2019

Little Brunch Book

by Alejandra Garcia Perez

Little Brunch Book is meant to be a publication that you can subscribe to every month and receive in the mail. The book is a brunch or breakfast cookbook that contains three different recipes, their history and an interview from the owner of the recipe. Each issue is supposed to be of a different country. With Mexico as the first country for the first issue, the book contains chilaquiles, champurrado and conchas recipes as well as a design that resembles Mexican tableware. With three sections, including: the history of each recipe, the recipe and interviews of the people who shared the recipes with me, this book is bound as an accordion book. It's can be easily spread out to read the recipes and see the different sections of the book without going back and forth. It's small size serves as an easy way to store around the kitchen.

Silver in Book Design 2018

Design Director
Alejandra Garcia Perez
Sad Eyes Club, MX

Graphic Designer and Illustrator
Alejandra Garcia Perez

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