Hello, Sun. - Sun Tracking and Shadow Simulation AR app

by Small Multiples

Visualise the sun's position through the seasons and see the sunlight’s effect on your surroundings in augmented reality. With the 'Hello, Sun.' app you’ll never be left wondering where the sun is and will be. The 'Hello, Sun.' app can help you pick the next sun drenched apartment and the ideal spot for a thriving veggie garden. Explore the paths of the sun and moon across the different time zones of the world using the companion sun clock on the website. Optimise your life in the sun now!

Gold in Innovative Use of Mobile Technology 2019
Gold in Mobile App 2019
Gold in Digital Tools and Utilities 2019
Gold in Interaction Design 2019
Silver in UX, Interface & Navigation 2019
Silver in Interactive Design 2019

Design Director
Jack Zhao
Small Multiples
Design Team
Harry Morris, Martin von Lupin, Andrea Lau

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