hypothèse - The fragrance of imagination

by Pratt Institute

The name of this fragrance is all about imagination. Imagine that you walk on street passing by a random girl, and you smell the fragrance she wear. You like that smell, and you start to imagine who she is, imaging how she live her life. This is the smell of hypothèse. When you were in your middle school or high school staying with a boy (or a girl) you like, and you were really close to each other, maybe only 20cm away, you were not really sure about if you should move closer a bit or not. You keep guessing in your mind about his or her feeling toward you, and this is hypothèse, the smell of imagination.

The shape of bottle is coming from two crossing lines, and add two full circles on bottom and top of this X. It is a very rational shape, and I try to give a elegant and soft touch of it. That is the reason why I put a golden ring over this navy blue neck.


Discovery of the Year 2018

Gold in Branding 2018, Non-Pro

Gold in Logos 2018, Non-Pro

Gold in Packaging Design 2018, Non-Pro

Created by:

Design Director

Huei-Tai Chen

Company/University or Design School

Pratt Institute


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