Early Bird Deadline: 30 Sep, 2019


by Jenny Bee

A story-forward visual novelette about a young apprentice who is thrust into a conflict between two magicians; one a famous escape artist, and one a fraudulent medium. I wanted Equivoque to feel like a children's book and have that accessibility to kids, who would benefit from the rhetorical lessons it presents, but at the same time, have an aesthetic that didn't feel too "kiddie" (I achieved this by limiting the palette). I used photoshop and physical media to create the piece, scanning in charcoal textures and using masks and Kyle Webster brushes to obtain the rough, painted quality I wanted to achieve. In addition to the childrens' book aesthetic, I wanted the whole thing to feel like an old painted poster. It was important to me to have a gender neutral protagonist with a strong personality, so no player felt excluded, or pandered to. Bundt is a person (well, animal-person), who happens to be gender neutral. Their finding their moral footing in the world via two adults, neither of whom they are sure if they can trust.

Bronze in Illustration for Games 2019, Non-Pro

School of Visual Arts
Design Team
Jenny Bee - Writer, Designer, Additional Sound | Ido Yehieli - Programmer | Keith Burgun - Music, Sound

Music & Sound
Keith Burgun
Ido Yehieli
Writer, Designer, Director
Jenny Bee

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