Rexona Pace

by Berghs School of Communication

Today it’s more important than ever for companies and brands to take a stand within important and affecting subjects, such as equality, diversity, sustainability etc. But still many brands has lots of work to do to…

This relaunch of Rexona is reminding us that sweat is unisex. It highlights the beauty of motion that's within all of us in every step, breath and pulse. Moving material for digital channels was the obvious choice of communication based on the core of the project. Inspired by nature and movement Pace takes Rexona from a company with gender fixed products into a contemporary and including brand suitable for anyone.

Fast-moving consumer goods such as deodorants rarely get this kind of attention and it's a field that's in need of including communication. The consumer can now choose a product free from labels such as "Sexy Bouquet" or "Xtra Cool".


Gold in Branding 2018, Non-Pro

Created by:

Design Director

Emelie Svensson

Company/University or Design School

Berghs School of Communication



Design Team

Lisa Liljenberg, Disa Hein, Mikaela Sandström

Video (direct link)

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Entrant Companies

Berghs School of Communication, SE