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Redkiwi designed the website for Medians. Medians is a Dutch company which conducts research into the effects of new drugs. We created an online platform on which you can find an overview of current clinical trials. Due to the collaboration between Medians and renowned research centers, the platform contains only reliable medical studies with very reliable data. An organised overview was therefore needed to display all this information.

The assignment: to build a website that encourages people to become clinical trial volunteers. The previous Medians website was outdated and not very visually appealing. There were also three separate domains for Dutch-speaking, German-speaking and English-speaking volunteers. In short, the desired goal was a new website with a completely new look and multiple languages ​​under one domain.

The redesign was successful! The website now has visitors in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, where the following significant increased conversion percentages have been achieved:

Netherlands > 35%;
Belgium > 35%;
Germany > 50%.

Too much information? No way! The large amount of information on the website is now clearly displayed. For example, we used short animated videos to explain difficult concepts and we organised certain information into a question & answer structure. A visitor can therefore find the information they’re looking for at a glance. We also opted for soft color accents for ease of reading.

In order to make the search process as efficient as possible we used filters and an intelligent search function. You can filter by variables such as gender, research center and location. The page reloads seamlessly and quickly, so you can immediately find an trial for which you are eligible. What’s more, we have implemented a map that shows where current research is taking place.

Who knows better than the client?

Medians co-owner, Lars Admiraal, about the project:...


Silver in Website Design 2019

Bronze in UX, Interface & Navigation 2019

Created by:

Design Director

Aniek Velthuizen

Design Company



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