Airbus IFLY A380 app

by Milkinside

The iflyA380 app allows the user to discover, book and explore their journey in an immersive way. It is more than an app, and instead becomes a companion for your journey aboard a pioneering aircraft the A380.

Using virtual, and augmented reality combined with service design thinking, the iflyA380 app is poised to enhance an already amazing A380 flight experience.


Gold in Mobile App 2019

Created by:

Design Director

Gleb Kuznetsov

Design Company



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Design Team

Gleb Kuznetsov, Jeshua Nanthakumar,

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Individual Credits

Design Director / Product Designer: Gleb Kuznetsov, Milkinside
Design Director / Product Designer: Jeshua Nanthakumar, Milkinside
Design Director / Product Designer: Nick Fedorov, Milkinside