Marcato Music

by Hongik University Graduate School

Marcato Music is a music-specialized platform that has been created to hold all of the world's music.
There are many genres of songs that we listen to in daily life. But there are not many songs that we can easily access.
We wanted to meet new songs. And we thought, well, these songs are going to give us a lot of ideas and inspiration.
From professional music to music with a lot of mania, We wanted to meet new artists and enjoy the new sound.
and The design of Marcato Music has a long-term goal. Based on the stories of artists and many different categories of music,
We hope it will provide comprehensive services to the music industry that I have never seen before,
and it will help extend a new perspective on music to consumers.
So, Marcato has defined its intended design image more clearly and flexibly.


Gold in Branding 2018, Non-Pro

Created by:

Design Director

Hwanie Choi

Company/University or Design School

Hongik University Graduate School