L’Atlante dell’Appennino

by The Visual Agency

L’Atlante dell’Appennino (Appenine’s atlas) explores the extraordinary environmental and cultural world of The Appenines, a mountain range extending along the length of peninsular Italy. The Atlas we’ve designed for Symbola explains the geomorphological, hydrographic and climatic characteristics of the landscape, with detailed descriptions on flora and fauna, it also offers a deep insight on demographics, economics and cultural aspects, with an analysis of online sentiment around the topic. Infographics and maps are integrated with the textual narration to highlight interesting information and explore main topics in depth, that count: • 12 maps display geomorphology and hydrography. • 20 illustrations depict the immense animals and plants heritage • 40 infographics deepen numerical-quantitative aspects Fausto Giovanelli, President of Parco Nazionale dell’Appennino Tosco-Emiliano, says: «This book is a both political and cultural challenge that raise awareness on The Apennines physically, geographically, historically and economically.»

Graphic Design of the Year 2019
Gold in Book Design 2019

Design Director
Benedetta Signaroldi
Design Team
Benedetta Signaroldi - Graphic design & charts design Giacomo Bettiol - Illustrations & cover design Sofia Chiarini - Charts design

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