IBM Open Liberty

by IBM Design

Open Liberty is a newly open sourced version of IBM that needed to be rebranded and refreshed for a new audience of Java developers as well as our current customer base. With this visual redesign of the Open Liberty website, the user experience was streamlined to help users get started with the product faster and easier. The fun new visual aesthetic, featuring a space theme, also offered a totally new voice and tone for the product, enticing a modern user base and helping to foster a vibrant user community.The end product is a standout corporate offering that appeals to the developer community with a fun, approachable and trustworthy brand. 


Bronze in Branding 2019

Bronze in UX, Interface & Navigation 2019

Created by:

Design Director

Jay Cagle

Design Company

IBM Design


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Design Team

Patrick Nyeste, Megan Mulholland


Individual Credits

Design Manager: Jay Cagle , IBM
Design Lead: Patrick Nyeste, IBM
Visual Designer: Megan Mulholland, IBM