OU TV Logo

by Ray Claxton Creative Design

Background: OU TV is the home for student video at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, OK. The network features a number of shows including: “OU Nightly,” a daily live student news broadcast; “The Set,” a show featuring in-studio performances from local bands; and “Sooner Sports Pad,” focusing on OU student athletics.

Project Brief: The client wanted a new logo design that would reinforce their commitment to developing their award-winning content, but also wanted a logo that would be flexible enough to adapt to different uses and media types. With that in mind, a flexible logo system was developed that would serve their immediate and long-term needs.

Concept: This flexible logo system starts with a basic logotype for the words “OU TV” in a rounded-corner square. This version can be used for most simple applications.
The second version of the logo is based on the notion that people watch TV on numerous types of screens: big, small, mobile, or stationary. With that in mind, this dynamic logo changes its appearance by turning into the different types of screens that viewers watch. For example, the version with the hand-held gaming device could be used to target viewers who are gamers. Another variant using the older-style television set (complete with antenna) could be used in any situation where a lighter, friendlier approach is desired. The various screens could also be animated together, with one screen morphing from one style to the next to create an animated logo.
A third implementation of the logo contains a camera lens as a background image. Even though the content created by OU TV is sent over airways, over landlines, and streamed over the internet, the creation of this content always starts by looking through the lens of a camera. This version of the logo honors that...


Honorable Mention in Logos 2019

Honorable Mention in Branding 2019

Created by:

Design Director

Ray A Claxton

Design Company

Ray Claxton Creative Design




Entrant Companies

University of Oklahoma; Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication; OU TV, US

Individual Credits

Lead Designer: Ray A Claxton, Ray Claxton Creative Design