by Kazuha Otake

SIZI is a new line of Japanese spices.The concept of the product line, the name, the packaging solution, and overall branding is based on haptic design which reflects the unique sensitivity and refined
taste of the Japanese culture.

Relying too much on graphic elements and texts is a problem for young designers because it narrows their possibilities of creation. So I want to promote product awareness by exploring a packaging system that is capable of communicating without relying on specific languages, letterforms or graphic symbols through the design project.

The brand name SIZI consists with 2 sounded letter combination. The letter forms used in this brand are not legible. This is one of the experiments for my branding project that make people not focusing on informative objects. These letterforms have a system, but no one can read at first sight. These illegible letterforms for this brand to provide people an opportunity to interact with tactility using their senses. These letterforms are created from Japanese pronunciation using some shapes of the Katakana letters.

Instead of having standard shopping bag, I designed a multiple use fabric bag. I wanted to create the moment that people use their senses through the product I made, I used fabric which has unique tactility also matches to the branding concept and other designs.


Silver in Branding 2019, Non-Pro

Silver in Packaging Design 2019, Non-Pro

Created by:

Design Director

Kazuha Otake

Company/University or Design School

Pratt Institute


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