Scroll-X /Rollable screen emergency stop sign.

by Ming Chi University of Technology

SCROLL-X combines a flexible light guide, electronic paper display, and laser projection technology to reduce the risk of placing an emergency stop sign when a vehicle breaks down during daytime or night time. The reel design can be installed in the trunk, allowing users to quickly open the Scroll-X after opening the trunk, and it automatically activates the enlarged vehicle breakdown message; combining with the projection of laser dynamic lane shifting indication several meters behind the breakdown vehicle. The approaching cars can clearly identify the warning from a distance to improve the chance of high-speed collision when the night visibility is poor. SCROLL-X can be used with mobile device APP and all kinds of hooking and standing accessories, which is widely used for temporary stop of bus and ambulance, police car pull-over stop, road construction and cleaning, etc. With the driving lens, the front view of the large vehicle can be displayed for the approaching cars to let the approaching vehicles know the condition of the preceding vehicle.

Silver in UX, Interface & Navigation 2019

Design Director
Design Team
Hui-Ping,Hu/designer Wei-Chung,Chang/ designer Zhi-Fan,Chen/Designer Kai-Chu ,Li/Major Professor

Hui-Ping,Hu , Ming Chi University of Technology
Zhi-Fan,Chen , Ming Chi University of Technology
Wei-Chung,Chang , Ming Chi University of Technology

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