Designing for Sophisticated and Sustainable Activewear

by CKO Digital

Kult Activewear originated from a love of adventure and outdoors. The natural beauty of the West Australian coast fueled our imagination and inspired the creation of transitional athlesiure wear that reflected a commitment to designing timeless yet eco-conscious pieces. Kult aspires to develop activewear that is both high performance and high fashion with a luxurious aesthetic, allowing our fearless women to stylishly transition from work out to wear out.

Bronze in Logos 2019
Bronze in Integrated Graphic Design 2019
Bronze in Website Design 2019
Bronze in Branding 2019

Design Director
Luis Martinez
Kult Activewear
Design Team
Graphic Designer Brian Murcia, Graphic Designer Dominique Gutierrez, Photographer Christine Lee, Social Media Coordinator Mishelle Echeverria, Web Developer Seth Bruce

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