Eliza - A Hot Metal Bistro

by Eme Design Studio

Eliza is a hot metal bistro with a past that can’t be forgotten, which is why every piece of the branding revolves around the J&L Steel Mill and the Eliza smokestack-the restaurant’s namesake. Everything from the menu to the coasters has pieces alluding to the history of the region: with letters that come together like steel being assembled and numbers that reference the steel mill’s past. The color palette of the brand reflects the restaurant’s industrial aesthetic with metallic and neutral tones. All in all, Eliza is a flaming bistro with a historic brand.

Gold in Branding 2019

Design Director
Enrique Avalos
Eliza at Indigo Hotel
Design Team
Joel Martínez, Iris Morales, Enrique Avalos, Ana Ruiz, Francisco Arrieta

Art Director
Iris Morales
Art Director
Joel Martínez
Graphic Designer
Enrique Avalos

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