by Eme Design Studio

Inspired by the mystical world of Mexican healers, Curadero brings you an authentic experience like no other. Located inside the Palomar hotel in San Diego California, Curadero brings together the traditional with the modern. The magical illustrations, trancelike patterns, and vibrant colors, captures both the heart of Mexico while inviting you to the mystical realm of the curandero. The brand captures the essence of the Mexican healers while easing your senses through it’s clever and loose visual elements. Curadero might not heal your soul, but it will definitely heal your hunger, hangover or stress.

Gold in Branding 2018

Design Director
Joel Martinez
Design Team
Joel Martínez, Iris Morales, Enrique Avalos, Ana Ruiz, Francisco Arrieta

Creative Director
Joel Martínez, Eme Design Studio
Graphic Designer
Pauline Mateos, Eme Design Studio
Graphic Designer
Andrea Portillo, Eme Design Studio

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