Flower of Grace 恩之花


Inspired by the concept of Paying it Forward, we want to emphasize and recreate how people can be rewarded for their good deeds through projection, visual, smell and interactions.

How it works:
Users will be given a watering can before entering the exhibition and can use it together with the flashlight on their mobile phone to mimic the act of “watering” and “sunlight”. These actions will trigger the lights on the table to light up the different buds and flowers in sequence, leading the users to the big 3D flower on the wall with the projection mapping. This will be the result of the message of “Paying it forward”.


Bronze in UX, Interface & Navigation 2019, Non-Pro

Created by:

Design Director


Company/University or Design School

Nanyang Polytechnic (Singapore) - School of Interactive & Digital Media / Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (China)

Design Team

Jasline Goh Jing Wen, Feng WeiChi, Chen Wencheng, Xu Ying, Zhang Yiran

Video (direct link)

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