Faces of LR

by Boldare

LR Health & Beauty is one of the leading German companies in the health and beauty industry. LR wanted to reach out to new potential candidates for their sales representatives programme. After identifying their campaign aims they turned to Boldare in search of human-centred design that drives business results.

LR World understood that in order to increase conversion rate online for sales representatives they need to create a design that stands out to would-be candidate leads.

Additionally they saw great value in their heritage and wanted to employ story-telling, shining the light on the personal stories of LR's sales representatives who have turned around their lives thanks to the collaboration with the brand.

Together with Boldare they envisaged a website that would engage the user into the world of LR and the world of its sales reps. This is how Faces of LR landing pages were born.

Boldare ideated with client and came up with a concept of a 3D globe, aiming to showcase the LR reps from around the world. The users can explore stories from various countries by picking from the beacons shining on the globe. This truly interactive experience aimed to engage a younger audience LR was reaching out to.

Boldare team consisted of Product Designer, three Frontend developers, one Backend developer and one Scrum Master. The landing page was developed within the Scrum framework, and the Product Owner was on the client side. This cross-functional team worked together from the start and side-by-side throughout the project duration. This allowed for smooth communication, equal understanding of the scope of work and the client's business needs. Thanks to that the team delivered a human-centred digital experience that fulfills the business goals.

The campaign has launched to a great critical acclaim in November 2018.


Silver in Website Design 2019

Created by:

Design Director

Paulina Jóźwik

Design Company



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LR Health & Beuty

Design Team

Paulina Jóźwik, Maria Polewczyk, Marta Jędrecka, Dawid Rogowicz, Krzysztof Growiński, Agnieszka Kocztorz, Ion Bazan, Maciej Papież