Panthera—Discreet Period Pads To Go

by Veronica-Ronit Bliman

It is that time of the month and I'm at work with a bunch of people around me and I have to go to the bathroom because I just got my period. There are a ton of co-workers surrounding me and here I go again discreetly trying to grab a bright pink plastic pad with yellow flower illustrations from my purse. I try to hide it under my sleeve with embarrassment and run into the bathroom. How many times has this happened to you, or how many times have you had to buy pads for a loved one staring at a aisle full of colorful, loud and obnoxious plastic period pad packaging? Ever since got my period I have been so frustrated with the packaging women have to deal with for sanitary period pads. They are either super bright pink with crazy colorful illustrations or really clunky and noisy. I decided to start a packaging project when i was at my BFA program that will help women who are frustrated like me with the terrible choices they have for our pad choices. I interviewed about 25 women ages 18–40 on how I can design a more emotionally comfortable packaging for period pads and I found that many women have negative feelings about the current packaging of pads just like I do. They feel that they are too colorful, noisy, and hard to carry around in public without sticking out like a sore thumb. It was not that they were ashamed of having their period but that wanted to feel less anxiety when it came to taking out their pads in public. I created Panthera to help solve this issue. Panthera is a genus of chiefly large cats that includes the snow leopard, tiger, leopard, jaguar, and lion. I wanted a name that felt powerful yet graceful. As women we have to deal with A LOT when it comes to that time of the month which i think makes us very powerful. Large cats are also very discreet. They have the ability to see but not be seen. So i created the packaging to a dark warm black color with a hint of the cat's eyes to signify the flow of the period. I wanted the consumer to be able to choose based on the color of the eyes. I also added a fun element of large leaf patterns so it feels and looks natural. I wanted women to feel comfortable and confident in their own body so they don't need to hide their pads any longer. With Panthera you can proudly carry your pad around. The package opens like an accordion (attached at the base). It stretches out and comes back together. Each pocket contains two pads (18 pads total in each package) and can be refilled and reused. Each individual pad looks like an ordinary item that can be found at your purse like a little wallet. The paper of the packaging is eco-friendly and re-usable. The idea is to use plantable seed paper for the strip that goes around the accordion shaped Panthera package and avoid harmful and noisy plastics for the overall package.

Bronze in Packaging Design 2019, Non-Pro

San Jose State University
NA This product is conceptual
Design Team

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