by Paper House

Paperbark is a game that tells a charming short story of the bush, a wombat and a very hot Australian Summer. It presents a sincere representation of Australian bushland which is inspired by iconic historical and contemporary landscape artists and Australian children’s literature. The player follows a sleepy wombat who spends its day exploring and foraging, while in search for a new home. As the story unfolds and new locations are discovered, the adventure builds with the heat of the day. The game has been created as a love letter to wandering through the bush and will resonate with anyone who grew up in Australia or is interested in it.

Gold in Illustration for Games 2019

Design Director
Terry Burdak
Design Team
Nina Bennett, Ryan Boulton

Art Director
Nina Bennett, Paper House
Technical Director
Ryan Boulton, Paper House
Creative Director
Terry Burdak, Paper House

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