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Entry Title:

Poblano Typeface/brand


Non-Professional Branding



Design Director:

Simon Dunford

Design Team:

Simon Dunford


Fanshawe College


Fanshawe College Hospitality Dept.

Individual Credit:

Simon Dunford, Typeface Designer, Simon Dunford

Individual Credit:

Simon Dunford, Graphic Designer, Simon Dunford


Simon Dunford, Student RGD, CA


Fanshawe Student Union, CA

Poblano's is a Mexican food company that I created after a logo was rejected. I took the rejected logo and turned it into a complete brand. The reason for the brand is to show that sometimes students or junior designers are unable to show off how far they can take a project. I began working on a custom typeface for the client but since they decided to go with another one of my designs, I continued with it on my own time. The typeface will be commercially available in the future.