Poblano Typeface/brand

by Fanshawe College

Poblano's is a Mexican food company that I created after a logo was rejected. I took the rejected logo and turned it into a complete brand. The reason for the brand is to show that sometimes students or junior designers are unable to show off how far they can take a project. I began working on a custom typeface for the client but since they decided to go with another one of my designs, I continued with it on my own time. The typeface will be commercially available in the future.

Gold in Branding 2018, Non-Pro
Silver in Typography 2018, Non-Pro

Fanshawe College
Fanshawe College Hospitality Dept.
Design Team
Simon Dunford
Simon Dunford, Student RGD, CA
Fanshawe Student Union, CA

Typeface Designer
Simon Dunford, Simon Dunford
Graphic Designer
Simon Dunford, Simon Dunford

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