brand value communication in large retail spaces

by Studio Kmzero

With more than one million members and over one hundred sales points annually visited by sixty million customers, Unicoop Firenze is among the first Italian consumer cooperatives of the Coop system. This project stems from the need to create an integrated visual system for the spaces of great malls and commercial centers in Tuscany. Graphic signs that are not simply decorations, but ways of telling values and shared experiences of the cooperative. A unique, coordinated, visual language is declined between external signage, internal signage, parking, courtesy communication, archigraphy up to the promotional communication of the centers and the websites. For this project were designed 3 custom-made typefaces to be used in the context of a wide range of coordinated illustrations.

Bronze in Integrated Graphic Design 2019

Design Director
Debora Manetti
Unicoop Firenze
Design Team
Debora Manetti, creative partner and brand consultant Francesco Canovaro, creative partner and type designer Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini, creative partner and type designer Cristiana Pezzatini, senior graphic designer

Graphic Designer
Cristiana Pezzatini, Studio Kmzero
Creative Director & Brand Expert
Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini, Studio Kmzero
Creative Director & Typography Manager
Francesco Canovaro, Studio Kmzero
Brand Strategist & Creative Director
Debora Manetti, Studio Kmzero

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