Boxha Coffee House

by Eme Design Studio

Named after the Mayan word for coffee, Boxha is a coffee house that knows how to stick to its roots. The ancient culture is incorporated into the branding with the creation of characters that resemble those found in ancient illustrations, focusing on prominent figures like the jaguar and the many Mayan gods. These illustrations are combined with bold type and vibrant colors to create harmonious yet unique pieces throughout the whole brand. Although heavily based on an ancient world, Boxha has a look that fits in the modern age.

Gold in Branding 2019
Gold in Packaging Design 2019

Design Director
Ana Ruiz
Boxha Coffee House
Design Team
Joel Martínez, Iris Morales, Ana Ruiz, Enrique Avalos, Francisco Arrieta

Art Director
Iris Morales
Art Director
Joel Martínez
Graphic Designer
Ana Ruiz

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