Wujun Pavilion Chinese Beancake Package

by Yuexin Huo

Package design for a product line of Chinese beancakes with 4 flavors: Mung Bane Cake (green-bean cake), Soybean Cake (yellow-bean cake), Adzuki Bean Cake (red-bean cake), and Mixed-ingredient Cake (cake with eight treasures). The product names are spray painted with flourescent paints to give a bright look. Each package would have 12 small cakes of different surface patterns, which are laser-cut on the package for their visual presentations. Product information is UV-printed on the front and back of the packages. It's a mid to high end product line targeting both Chinese and international (U.S.) markets. It's constructed entirely out of cardboard for an environmental friendly approach.


Gold in Packaging Design 2019

Created by:

Design Director

Yuexin Huo